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2008-04-27 15:55:12 by BeuxJ

If anyone who happens upon this page is interested in RPing, please check out either of these links.

Yi RP ::: WHA

For those of you not interested, here is a brief outline of RPing.

First of all, RPing stands for Role-Playing. This is not however, related to RPGs, but involves (predominantly) text-and-turn based writing. The various members of an RP each write up their own character with which to write from the perspective of, and the different members weave a story together.

You do get a number of people who RP in-game on MMOs, but more often than not the people who inhabit RP servers tend to only be there to flame people or to get into less occupied servers.

The place I do most of my RPing is Warhammer Alliance. A website based on the new online Warhammer MMO, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, or WAR. However, the majority of the RPs I am involved in are not based around the game but the Warhammer world itself.

You do not have to be a Warhammer fan to RP on the site, but it can help, mainly to keep geography and lore consistent.

Below you will see two Character Sheets from WHA of characters I RP. These are not fully comprehensive guides to my characters and the first character, Darudia (50 points if you know where I got his name from) I have used in a number of RPs, giving him a rather complicated history, which is very much cut down here.

Darudia Volvagia
Breton [Bretonnia]
Male, 65

At 5' 10" he is well built, with broad shoulders and heavy muscles. He is an old man, but has the appearance of a forty year old. His youthfulness is baffling to most, but his life has been slow, which can be seen in his eyes.

He is a proud man, with many a year of battle and wisdom. Though his stance and attitude suggest strength and integrity, his eyes are dulled with the many years he has wandered the lands. He is a kind man, always helping those less fortunate. The kindness showed to him through life has made him inherently good and just. In battle he is different, his eyes glow with a purple sheen and he becomes quite frantic.

Weapons and Equipment
He carries a steel longsword of intricate design. This sword glows with an effulgent purple. He also carries a mithril shortsword, a gift from his old benefactors, and a hunting knife. His gauntlets are specially crafted for pugilism.

He also carries a steel buckler, with red leather and a signet of his old village. He possesses a curious amulet which sits directly on his chest, no chain nor string to hold it. It glows a deep purple under certain circumstances.

Darudia grew up in Couronne with his parents. His father, once the apprentice of a Swashbuckling Scholar in L'Anguille, home-educated him for all the time he knew him. His mother was a housewife by name and nature, and spent her time tending their garden, cooking their food, and so on. Until that day when he was but 17, his life had been poor, but enjoyable.

Darudia's father had been cutting in the Arden forest one day when the tree he had felled landed on a stray hyppogryph, killing it instantly. After a few minutes of removing the fallen trunk, it was found that the beast had belonged to the Duke of Couronne. As the duke came back from the plains with his men, where they had been hunting, he found Darudia's father and his friends standing around his dead pet. In a fury he imposed a sentence of Death, but after negotiations the Duke admitted it sounded a legitimate accident, but demanded the men and their families move out of Couronne and to another settlement. With this over there heads, Darudia's family and those of his friends formed a migration group and headed far away to Carcassonne.

During this migration, the group ran into some trouble. While trekking along the Grismerie River past Mousillon, the group was attacked by bandits, and though the majority of the group carried hatchets and other axes, Darudia's father and mother were murdered in cold blood right before him. After arriving at Carcassonne, Darudia split from everyone he knew, and went to live in a small hamlet just north of the Irenna Mountains, which he had heard of from a citizen of Carcassonne. Making his rent by teaching the children of the hamlet all his father had taught him, Darudia lived a peaceful life, far from all he had forgotten, and all he didn't want to remember.

After many years Darudia was approached by a friend within the village, who inducted him into a small clan, known as the Order of Irrenica. He was sent away with a group of warriors from various backgrounds to the forest of Athel Loren, where he was greeted by the wood elves, but only because of two of the members of his party. Upon the completion of their task Darudia's longsword, which he had held by his side for many many years was enchanted by the village elder, and he was granted an amulet of great power and an Irrenian Shield, hand-made by the village blacksmith, a great worker of metals. Though the shield was not as strong as many, it was a symbol of the aid he was able to give to people, regardless of his poor peasant history.

20 years down the road, long after his adventure with dwarf brothers Gromi and Gulli, noble Brokk, and Leyathorn and Tanaka the wood elves, he finds the lands of the empire. After many long and slow years, Darudia came upon an elf named Thoryl, and his acquaintance, Cadranmil. A curios meeting as, though he didn't know it, Thoryl was the son of Tanaka, the elf he'd known long ago.

Dirk Garret
Arabian [Araby]
Male, 23


Dirk is 5'8" and is quite well built, but slim. He wears some leather armor over which he has deep purple trousers and jacket. His hair is close to dreadlocks and he has a small beard which is very thin and twirled into a short spike protruding from his chin. His hair is a near-dark brown and his eyes are a deep, deep hazel.

He is respectful of those who deserve it, but has a very cheeky and playful disposition. Dirk is a very bouncy fellow, both socially and in battle. His fighting style involves a great amount of taunting, cart-wheeling, back-flipping and other evasive measures. He is a very kind person, and has a great feel for how people think.

Weapons and Equipment
He carries a short steel sword, which is curved and very light, but surprisingly durable. He also has a whip which he carries. This is a powerful weapon, but is mostly used to swing from things. He also has a large belt of very sharp, but wooden, knives. He carves them himself and uses them for throwing and for sneaking up on people. Though they are very well sharpened, because they are just wood, they cannot be used more than once.

He also has a few pouches of curious alchemical ingredients, traveling light on most occasions. He also carries a red canteen which he has on him at all times. This contains a particular potion of his he uses most often.

Dirk's childhood was poor and uneventful. He grew up in a hovel in Al-Haikk, in the North-west of Araby. His parents were not good people and ignored him most of the time, leading to his apt for self-sufficiency.

When he was around 12 years old he met a boy a bit younger than him, called Marn. This boy's father was an alchemist and Dirk spent the next few years as the boy's best friend and the Alchemist's most avid listener. He learned many tricks with potions and concoctions, and by the time he was 15 he knew more than many 20 year old alchemists.

When he was 18 he took his skill up the Great Ocean and around the Empire. Him and Marn travelled across the Reikland, Praag, and even the Ostland. Alas, not many people wanted an Alchemist-for-hire and those that did, were going to find one who wasn't dirt-trodden and young.

Dirk and Marn tried for a long time to make an honest living, but soon turned to the outside of the law. The spent 3 years in the Ostland and High Pass, raiding travelers and generally stealing what they could. Growing up in Al-Haikk they were no strangers to thievery and found that men of the Empire were not so accustomed to their ways, making them easier targets than the street rats back home. They both became very successful thieves and made a moderate amount of money without being caught.

When Dirk was 22 and Marn was 20, they decided they had had all the fun they needed. They had money, clothes, and an abundance of skills. They made the vow to go legit and travelled back into the busier parts of the empire, looking for honest work. They were well accepted into the Empire and with their illegitimate wages bought themselves lodgings and tools with which to work the meager jobs of men.

A few months of laying low and their endeavors caught them up. It happened in Praag. Marn and Dirk had found an inn full of wealthy and stupid people. They had been gambling, clearing the pockets of the locals and making more money than they had done for weeks. Unfortunately the man they were playing was an old acquaintance.

They had not recognized him, as they had seen a lot of faces, but he recognized them. They had ambushed his caravan only a few weeks before, killed one of his men and stolen a great quantity of gold and spices. After their game, they stepped outside only to be jumped by three dwarves, who dragged them off into the woods by the city.

It was here they were tied to trees and left for three days. On the fourth morning the man returned with his stunted friends, declaring his intent to beat the two senseless and until they were dead. He released Marn first and broke him bone by bone in front of Dirk, but when Dirk was cut down his hand went straight to his belt of spikes, with which he stabbed the man in the eye. Escaping into the wood he managed to get away from the dwarves.

Returning the next day he found Marn's body crumpled on the floor, leaves and debris scattered across him. Dirk cleaned him off and carried his broken form all the way back to the Ostland were they made their living together. He buried his body amongst the roots of the trees and took Marn's canteen and sword. The only possessions he had ever carried.

Dirk then travelled, working meaningless jobs in taverns and suchlike, staying out of Praag. After a while he found the Guild Hall for Adrashtai Quasa Shelteth, and purely out of curiosity, entered. As he knew no-one in the entire world he had nothing to lose. His only friend dead, his parents never really part of his life. So he decided to stay with the guild.


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