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My Songs and their Popularity

2008-04-29 17:37:24 by BeuxJ

I've been quite surprised at the initial responses to my songs. Tracks which I like better haven't been recieved so well and tunes that I barely even put effort into are coming out well.

Hit Yo Mama and Carpenter's Iron. What's wrong with them? Someone please tell me because I think they're pretty cool and stylistically different from most stuff. I'm not saying I'm right, but it just surprised me that they are my two least popular tracks.

Anyway, feedback on any of my Audio submissions is welcome here. Flaming will be deleted, criticism noted.


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2008-05-01 11:56:18

the most likely reason why the score is so low is 0 bombers, just give it some time the score will eventually come up lol, just look at my new tetris remix, i posted it last night and this morning i have 5 downloads, 32 views and a score of 3 lol.