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AQS Tales

2008-05-20 08:24:33 by BeuxJ

Hello NG users. I am currently designing and storyboarding a project which will move ahead slowly, but will hopefully be a work of art.

I am the co-founder of a guild on the MMO Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. I am planning to create a flash cartoon based on this guild and it's members. We are mostly an RPing guild [Role-Playing] so each of our members has a carefully scripted and cohesive history. Though these histories will not all be explored on the cartoon, they have helped us determine special relationships between characters in our RP stories and have given our characters depth on which we can model little habits and tendencies which make them more believable characters.

As the cartoon will be set in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe, all the lore will be the similar, but I may have to avoid using titles, names and locations identical to official Warhammer history, not only to make the story more obviously unrelated to that history, but to avoid any copyright issues anyone may have :P

Anyway, I am not a great animator, but what I lack in talent I will make up for with time and effort. However, if any top-notch animators read this, I would appreciate any constructive ideas or advice you could give. I am even open to collaboration, though I imagine not everyone is as interested in this idea as me...

AQS Tales


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2008-05-31 12:42:48

Hehe, I buried my laptop.
Happy now :p

BeuxJ responds:

Very :)


2008-05-31 13:03:06

How are you today? I may ask?

BeuxJ responds:

I am rather well. Incredibly bored, but rather well.


2008-05-31 13:06:38

You must be very pleased with your self since you managed to get a mac user to bury their love?
That does not happen often I tell you XD

BeuxJ responds:

It makes me feel like Bill Gates, but with a lot less money, a lot more charm, and a face that doesn't make children cry.


2008-06-06 10:53:04

hey buddy if you enjoyed the tank man series then you should try watching tankmen infinity its not made by the same guy but the spirit is still there

BeuxJ responds:

Thanks for the tip-off.


2008-06-07 20:59:55


BeuxJ responds: