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2008-09-09 14:18:34 by BeuxJ

Hello NG, I am posting today because of a certain subject which I'm sure affects the site.

When I peruse the Flash Portal, I wait until the clip/game is done with, or until I really can stand no more of it, before voting, commenting, etc. However, I realize that most people probably don't do this, as time is a precious commodity and many Humans bore very quickly.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is when people feel they can't be bothered to watch/play/listen to submissions and just take a guess of a vote. I haven't suffered on NG too badly, my audio submissions aren't ranked greatly, but they aren't bottom of the pile either, but there must be many users on this site that have fallen victim to what another user called 'Zero Bombers' people who have such a boring, rubbish life, that they feel the need to blaze through sites voting zeros on everything, just to make others feel as crap as they do by default.

Anyway, as i said, I don't think this has happened to me, but the thought of it happening to anyone on the site seems sinfully unfair.

Just having a rant, cheers.
Beux J


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2008-09-09 15:03:51

0 bombing without watching/listening should be against the NG rules but there is no way of telling that I know of. If it could be done I would guess php but I'm not a web programmer.

BeuxJ responds:

I suppose the best way would be to somehow identify that the video/game has ended, although people don't want to watch every video right through before voicing their opinion. Also games can span great lengths of time, so they would need some other way to protect people from zero bombers...