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My god, what a thing...

It actually makes me want to cry it's so good.

Replaying Zelda atm, just hit the water temple, but I forgot to buy a Zora's Tunic and I can't find a free one... But point being, I have just gone through the real events of these episodes and each occasion and dungeon is spoofed with such perfection I'm finding it hard to believe someone has made it for something other than TV itself.

I can only hope the jokes continue to be excellent throughout the coming episodes (obviously I hope there are a number of coming episodes). Everything is perfect, down to "I can twist my head!" and all the sounds are wonderfully executed. Durania is perfect, Saria is perfect, Malon, Talon, The Milk Bar! (oh sweet christ), the Gorons!

It's all just perfect. If you are open for suggestions I have something I think should be in the next episode (during the frozen domain timeframe).

Keep up the infallible work.


This is so good, even better than the last one (kind of expected that, though, lol).

I've just this week installed Project 64 onto my laptop and have been enjoying Ocarina of Time, and every wcene in this episode is ringing out in my head and providing constantly excellent familiar moments with an array of funny jokes.

Absolutely brilliant, looking forward to number three.

About as good as it gets.

This is the most excellent thing I have watched in longer than I care to remember. It was a little slow, but that's about the only fault i could find (although I think Link's should've had automatic slingshots instead of pistols in the Matrix scene).

The graphics were incredibly well done and Link's expressions in particular were hilarious. Considering this is the first episode of the series, I think you've outdone yourself by far, this is about as good as it gets, lol.

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Pretty damn sweet really, it's like Super Monkey Ball: Super Magnet Ball.

The only thing I'd say is the magnet attracts the ball a touch slow, maybe a stronger magnet and a repel feature via right-click? It could be a little electro-magnet instead of a horseshoe for two-way magnetic and visual consistency, lol.

Very entertaining, though.


You mispelt Champions. That's all.


Great fun, the mine at the end was greatly entertaining aswell.

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Ah, some classic Garage Band loops in there. God we had fun with that programme in college.

I don't fully agree, crazy is good, but this is a touch over the stratosphere.

yokomeso responds:

CAn't wait till i go2 college! (Garageband- iz overused and doesn't make gewd techno) but gahd does this song crack me up, especially all the craziness,

hopefully somone can use it in a flash submishin!


*Swoons* Ah, makes me smile.


I think its great. I happen to have a cello beside me and I couldn't help but pluck along. This tune has a great feel to it, but you could have fit a really good violin part over it.

Jurian responds:

I did fit a violin part over it...

I am a great fan of many of the animations present on Newgrounds but unfortunately, my skills with animation are limited. I much prefer to edit live action pieces, though if I was any good at animating I'd love it more. And songs upload slow...

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