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My god, what a thing...

It actually makes me want to cry it's so good.

Replaying Zelda atm, just hit the water temple, but I forgot to buy a Zora's Tunic and I can't find a free one... But point being, I have just gone through the real events of these episodes and each occasion and dungeon is spoofed with such perfection I'm finding it hard to believe someone has made it for something other than TV itself.

I can only hope the jokes continue to be excellent throughout the coming episodes (obviously I hope there are a number of coming episodes). Everything is perfect, down to "I can twist my head!" and all the sounds are wonderfully executed. Durania is perfect, Saria is perfect, Malon, Talon, The Milk Bar! (oh sweet christ), the Gorons!

It's all just perfect. If you are open for suggestions I have something I think should be in the next episode (during the frozen domain timeframe).

Keep up the infallible work.

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This is so good, even better than the last one (kind of expected that, though, lol).

I've just this week installed Project 64 onto my laptop and have been enjoying Ocarina of Time, and every wcene in this episode is ringing out in my head and providing constantly excellent familiar moments with an array of funny jokes.

Absolutely brilliant, looking forward to number three.

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About as good as it gets.

This is the most excellent thing I have watched in longer than I care to remember. It was a little slow, but that's about the only fault i could find (although I think Link's should've had automatic slingshots instead of pistols in the Matrix scene).

The graphics were incredibly well done and Link's expressions in particular were hilarious. Considering this is the first episode of the series, I think you've outdone yourself by far, this is about as good as it gets, lol.

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This is probably the best thing I've ever watched on the internet. The intro finished and I was already hooked like Pete Doherty.


I must say, that was quite an epic slaughter. The sheer volume of gore by the end was inconprehensible and the sequence of blows became intolerably savage and down-right impossible. Perfect.

I especially liked Claus' guest appearance.


Easily my favourite RoC episode so far, Claus is the kind of bug every crackhead needs...

Hilarious series, this one really shows it off.


That was a journey in my head. I keenly followed the roads displayed before me, settled the purpution, and loved every second of it.

P.S. I'm not on crack or anything...

Fierras responds:

P.S neither am I

Does what it says on the tin.

This is a rather perfect display if Luigi, and being the length it is, I could watch it many times over and not feel like I've wasted a day.

Brilliant, I enjoyed it greatly, and though people may disagree, 10/10, 5/5.

60 seconds of mocking the green one, Mario would love this...

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That was absolutely great. That clip just ran through a visual diary of the exact process I took when first playing GTAIV. To the T. Except I'm a dab handy with the old Annihilator, but I would only fly it up high buildings to leap of them in Turismos and Sanchez'.

Very funny, and in my eyes, worthy of an Egoraptor tribute.

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I know it's short and basically lacking in anything, but I greatly enjoyed it. I assumed that Dr. Conneris Spidey's mate who inadvertantly turns into a lizard every so often and kills lots of things.

Am I right? I not so much of a geek when it comes to comics, though I do love the Marvel.

Anywhoo, fun little clip, I liked it.

Brakkenimation responds:


And yes, you're correct he's an acquaintance of Spidey's. Hopefully we'll see him as the Lizard in Spider-man 4!

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