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Long Awaited

I very much enjoyed that, and though it may have been a touch on the short side, it captivated me for what time it took. Ninja Gaiden being hard is a simple and well-known fact among gamers and I'm greatly pleased that you took advantage of that.

I also like that you've taken an old easter egg and re-drawn it some. I also like that it has been stripped from its paper roots and laid cleanly on fine papyrus, where it may be revered by all, till acidic fluids spill upon it.


That was even better than the ones preceeding it. Pure comic joy, these is. I hope there's more coming in the future, these are priceless.

The theorem joke was awesome. Who thought I'd ever use maths again, especially for leisure.


I love the alterior perspective on the last episode, very amusing. I watched .5 second so I didn't get the entire premiss of the 'dad' gag at first, but it's great.

Good dialogue, both witty and believable.

There is no thing worse.

Except that Pigletface thing. And leave Mugabe alone. It's none of our business. White people need to learn that other countries are governed by other people for a reason. To stop us fucking them up, but we do it anyway.

Although this was very slightly funny a little tiny bit.

Heil responds:

fuck you cockslut


You apologise too much, the animation is a little slow, and you are too fearful of your recordings.

The sounds are poor quality, but that is a problem with your equipment, not your ability. However, the tone of your voice and the lack of tembre makes me picture you sitting in your room, door shut tight, quietly but akwardly mumbling into a microphone, trying not to be heard by anyone in your house.

To battle the natural buzz of your set-up, you need to be fearless in your voice recording. Say every word with heroic confidence, believe every line, and imagine each word coming from your lips is supposed to inspire a band of peasants, with lukemia, to take on the Knghts of the Round Table.

With a hefty scoop of valor in your speech, the recordings will sound far more professional. Also, your drawing is a touch bland. With effort, even the worst artist can draw a masterpiece, so throw in an extra 10 minutes on each flash session, just to add some details and maybe a gentle anecdote in the background. Like a pigeon flying at break-neck speed into a tree and puffing into a plume of feathers, or something of the sort.

SandySandeep responds:

thnx, man. Even i rubbed out the thinking of making a sequel but ur suggesstion hope to proove good.


Everyone vote 5, make him bury his laptop!

Also, I dislike the fact that people are disregarding this because it's a stickman battle. Stickmen are awesome, and most of the stickmen fights on NG suck, these guys even have faces!

If you have to blam this, do it because it has no background or because it has no pre-loader.

Not Bad

As far as trailers go, it's not bad at all. I do have a few points though.

Firstly, it's spelt operations, not oppirations. Not a huge deal but I've had contact with many ppl who will rip the crap out of you for those 2 letters.

Secondly, you can afford to be more fearless when recording (assuming that's your voice). You sound as if you are holding back and like the speaker doesn't really believe in what he's saying. The man over the radio would probably be talking quietly, if waiting for a command within enemy perimeter, but he would have full confidence in what he's saying, seen as he's telling it how it is.

Lastly, seen as this is a trailer, it should have a little bit more information about the final animation, even if it's just a small blurb in between bits of action. This is only an issue here, so you won't have to worry about it when making the full clip (which I definately think you should do) but bear that in mind should you make another trailer in the future.

Overall, your animation is good and I look forward to seeing the full version. :)

Mestevez responds:

thanx for the 7...
and yes i no stuff is spelt wrong but i thought since it is a trailer it wudn't matter...

i was also gonna make little blurbs between just like you siad but i made this last night at about 3am... it was late and i wasn't thinking straight.

i was thinkin of makin a game 2
thanx for the points though... i will keep it in mind


Absolutely 100% pure pwnage, toput not too fine a point on it. Ican't believe it took me this long to watch this animation. Kudos, all my 5.

I especially liked the short 'Donkey Bong' excursion, though I may have heard and seen wrong in that second. If there was indeed a Donkey Kong Head made up as a bong, then what a wonderful piece of apperatus for any stoner OR nintendo fan.

Starfox's rant, Captain Falcon's traffic rage,Slider, the Super Mario Bros at the beginning and Bowser's capture of Peach were also especially enjoyable. And Kirby, obviously.


That was actually kind of funny.

Lochie responds:



I love it more with every episode. Great stuff.

I am a great fan of many of the animations present on Newgrounds but unfortunately, my skills with animation are limited. I much prefer to edit live action pieces, though if I was any good at animating I'd love it more. And songs upload slow...

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