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Oh ho!

Not the best thing in the world, but I liked it. Kid Goku is awesome and those sprites are cool. Only thing I'd mention is the movement is a bit jittery, but it's not a full on animation so that's not really important.

You could make some really cool DBZ skits though.

Nicely done...

I definitely enjoyed that. The good thing about 300 is that when you read 'This is Sparta!' you can hear the roar, which made 'This is Fanta' all the more awesome.

You know what I mean, when you 'hear' writing without having to consciously think it in your head. Put to great effect here.

Also, Kudos on the... Holy crap, I can't remember what they're called. Not Whomps, those were the ones that walk aren't they... Well, I liked the ending a lot.

Breaktroll responds:

thanks. you mean the thwomps?

What indeed was that?

I like to think I'm pretty generous with my ratings, but that could very easily have been a lot better.

You could make it again, but with a lot more stars, a greater buildup and some plinky-plunky music. You could have a pan across a sea of stars, then fly forward through them, like the classic Star Wars hyperspace effect. Then as you (the viewer) are floating through this animated space, boom!

Same thing happens, but without the extra eyes and mouth behind the eyes and mouth. And yes, it should have been louder, but not necessarily a lot louder.

Basically, it's always a fun idea to have a shock moment in an animation, but this one could have been better with very little extra work.

Glink0 responds:

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Why not?

It wasn't particularly flashy, it didn't have great effects and it all felt a bit rushed. But to be honest, I liked it.

In response to the last couple comments;
1. It wasn't retarded, that would be physically impossible due to a distinct lack of brain.
2. It didn't make any sense but why should it have to? It had all it needed, cool drawing style, crazy ghost-like sounds, and what I think is Gorden Brown being cut in half?

Not a good animation, but for it's length and the small amount of effort (that I assume) was put into it, a nice little piece of mind-nulling visual disorientation at the click of a button. Go go gadget weirdness.

Also, I liked the insert with your production company. Clock whatever-it-was.

smackhouse responds:

Thanks but Clock Crew isn't my production company

Great piece of animation. Simple effective comedy.

I love Bad Guys, first watched episodes 1-3 a long, long time ago (must have been a few years possibly...) and just came across the whole lot today. This one in particular is brilliant. The humor is subtle for the most part, but I laughed out loud a number of times. And the music is somewhat hypnotic. I only realized at the end, but I was bobbing along to the whole piece.

Plus the accents for the bad guys have always fallen well on my ears. Top notch, old chum.

I am a great fan of many of the animations present on Newgrounds but unfortunately, my skills with animation are limited. I much prefer to edit live action pieces, though if I was any good at animating I'd love it more. And songs upload slow...

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