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Poor miles... These are pure awesome, nice work.


Just plain cool. Very nice, loved it.

Very nice.

Very very nice indeed, will be watching the others.


Purely awesome, fits well and is full of awesome characters. Kudos.

What is that song? It's very like a song I made once.


Not bad at all, although if you whipped the frame-rate up some it'd be a touch better.

Cool though.


Awesome, absolutely awesome, clip after clip of awesome film spoofs. Dumb and Dumber, Scarface, Anchor Man, Good Will Hunting? Click, Borat, Wayne's World, Waterboy, and a few that I recognise, but cannot place for the life of me. Good Will Hunting, Baseketball? They in there. and the kirby n wario, the mario n bruce, an the psychiatrist one i didn't recognise.

E. Honda and Colin Mocherie are two of the best people ever and MJ is funny to make fun of. Also, I didn't quite catch it but did a Troopa have someone in his Ass? and if so, who?

Random-Her03 responds:

Hey buddy
im so glad you liked the movie so much, E. Honda & Colin Mocherie are pure awesomeness, and MJ.... well his music is good... lol
anyways jst to clear things up, heres the list of the movies i used

Dr. Mario & Monty: Click
Mario Bros. & Sonya Blade: Knocked Up
Dedede & Ness: Scarface
Monkey & Tiger: Waterboy
Kirby & Wario: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Johnny Cage & Samus: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy
Lucas, Knuckles & Cpt. Falcon: BASEketball
Paula & Principal McVicker: Christmas Vacation
Borat & Billy: Obvious
Fat Guy: Various Happy Madison Films
Chef & Jeff: School of Rock
Sonic & Alfred Chicken: Dumb & Dumber
Mario & Lui Kang: 40 Year Old Virgin
Wayne & Garth: Obvious

Also the Koopa has a fish up his ass
just a fish... lol

there we go hope it helps! :D


That was good. What did he play at the end? I couldn't make it out. I assume from the colour of the sparkly-ness it was the Prelude of Light. I was expecting to see a great many cuckoos fly in and attack, but alas.

Anyone ever seen 'Three to Tango'? Mathew Perry is running along and a mass of chickens fly at him. Just like with Link...

coycoy responds:

Yes, it was Prelude of light. ^^; For some reason when i exported the movie that song didnt come out very loud, even though when i play it in flash itself you can hear it crystal clear. Thanks for your review! ^^


It's better than a lot of the first animations I've seen, but the frame rate needs put up, quite a bit. It'll shorter the clip, it'll look far smoother, and your protagonist won't blink at the speed of a late 1800s MB-Daimler Moter Carraige.


It's a good bit of flash, but the guns could do with having more varied sounds and more interactivity. Even if it was just click trigger to fire, click mag to reload.

fallensoul289 responds:

yeah i know now thanks for the review


That was good, and some of the clips are very funny indeed, but it's very long. You might maybe wanna delete this and up the frame-rate some, then upload it again. Would make the whole thing shorter, make the long gaps quicker, and I believe it would generally improve the viewing pleasure.

Random-Her03 responds:

you thought that was long
theres like 3 other scenes that was supposed to be in it!
lol but thanx for the compliments

I am a great fan of many of the animations present on Newgrounds but unfortunately, my skills with animation are limited. I much prefer to edit live action pieces, though if I was any good at animating I'd love it more. And songs upload slow...

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